This Week in Hyperlocal: November 1, 2013

by: Reilly O'Connor, on Nov 1, 2013 in This Week In Hyperlocal

ConfidenceThis week’s roundup offers you advice & confidence that will have you barreling through roadblocks on your path to a triumphant hyperlocal future.

How Hyperlocal Publishers Can Strengthen Relationships With Advertisers: Seasoned hyperlocal editors & publishers share six ways for publishers to form deeper relationships with advertisers.

Hyperlocals and Scale: How a ‘No-No’ Can Be Turned Into a Win-Win Local Yokel Media’s CEO & founder, Dick O’Hare, speaks to Street Fight about how scale can be a win-win for both hyperlocal sites & the biggest advertisers.

What to Do When an Online Community Starts to Fail: This article highlights rewarding top users, community turnover, & having existing users help to engage new ones.

The newsonomics of outrageous confidence:  “In the past several weeks, we’ve seen new newspaper owners proudly raising the flags of their new enterprises, speaking grandly of their futures & spouting that most legacy of commodities: optimism for the future.” — this story screams glass half full & we love it!

6 Costly Mistakes Hyperlocal Publishers Make When Planning For Online Ad Sales: We created this list of 6 Costly Mistakes Hyperlocal Publishers Make When Planning for Online Ad Sales with the hopes of exposing community website publishers to some of these global digital advertising standards, & help them avoid the mistakes that are blocking larger digital marketers from working with them.

Publisher Shoutout: The Twin Cities Daily Planet – Local Yokel Media is happy to give a big shoutout to one of our newest hyperlocal publisher partners.



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