This Week in Hyperlocal: September 13, 2013

by: Reilly O'Connor, on Sep 13, 2013 in This Week In Hyperlocal

Positivity  Positivity encompasses this week’s roundup of hyperlocal bits and bytes from around the web, featuring an exciting publisher comeback story, opportunities for future growth, & tips to stay ahead in the hyperlocal community!

Daily Voice Reports First ‘Unit’ Profitability (With an Asterisk) – Just a few months ago, the hyperlocal regional news network Daily Voice was trifling with the question “Is this it?” But after a slight makeover, they’re coming back hot! (knock on wood) Local Yokel Media is rooting for ya.

6 Ways Hyperlocal Publishers Can Take Advantage of Online Promotions–  Huge opportunities for growth within the hyperlocal community are underway via digital promotions. Stephanie Miles, associate editor at Street Fight, adds her two cents on utilizing the upcoming changes in advertising economics.

Local Media Companies Need to Decentralize to Survive– Terry Heaton makes his point clear that he believes Hyperlocal is THE move. While centralization of resources can reduce expenses for media companies, value of content is also reduced for people seeking community news. There are certainly ways around centralization **cough, cough, monetize that ad space!**

Hyperlocal 101: Part One, 10 hyperlocal business models– “Hyperlocal” is not only a thriving concept in the U.S. — Damian Radcliffe takes a stab at defining the term across the pond.

Firm Asks For Disclaimer Exemption For Mobile Political Advertising-  Revolution Messaging, a digital political advertising firm, asks the Federal Election Commission to exempt banner ads for mobile device from disclaimer language required for most political advertising and materials.

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