This Week in Hyperlocal: September 6, 2013

by: TeamLYM, on Sep 6, 2013 in This Week In Hyperlocal

winding road

“There is a road, no simple highway …” this week in our roundup of hyperlocal digital publishing bits and bytes from around the web.


Is ‘The Road’ a Community News Model That Can Go the Distance? — Is going DEEP (as in 27 pages deep) on a single web page to cover a local story of interest from beginning to end (i.e. a multi-media ‘package,’ all on one page) the new way to drive engagement and ad dollars?

Journalism Professor Uses Crowdsourcing To Track Patch Layoffs – Ohio University professor hopes to ‘find sustainable models in journalism for low-served areas’ by tracking Patch site closures nationwide, via a Wiki.

Papers Must Breach News Firewall To Live — Predictions for local media from James McQuivey, VP and principal analyst at Forrester Research.

Is Journatic’s cheap labor saving journalism or just a lot of money? — Journatic  now provides the Tribune with its hyperlocal suburban news, driving much of the content by way of the Philippines… sustainable?

Dow Jones sells local media group — The group’s 8 daily and 15 weekly newspapers “were not strategically consistent with the emerging portfolio” of News Corp.

New App Promises To ‘Fill The Gap’ Between Google And Yelp With HyperLocal Content — MeeLocal is a new app that allows people to compile a personal Rolodex of their favorite places right onto their smartphone and iPad, share tips with their friends and vice versa.

Survey: 70% Want to Control Who Sees Their Digital Location – When it comes to location data people don’t seem to be saying “I don’t want anyone to know where I am.” Instead they appear to be saying, “I want to control who knows where I am.”

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