Wheel of Content: Making A Game of Content Creation


The timing of this article from LonelyBrand.com couldn’t have been better, as the marketing team here at Local Yokel Media was just in the finishing stages of creating a game to help engage all employees in content creation by making it fun. Here is the step-by-step guide to creating a “Wheel of Content,” and instructions on how the game can be executed.

The Content Calendar

Content CalendarEarlier in the month, we created a large Content Calendar on the white-board wall behind my desk, which is visible to the whole office because of our open-office set-up. We used Duck Tape brand duck tape to permanently outline the calendar using our brand colors. I think visual interest is important when it comes to engaging people in your execution, so we purchased a variety of colored dry-erase markers to use when writing on the calendar. The goal for the calendar is to facilitate company-wide awareness of scheduled content updates, as well as ad-hoc contributions from company members. There is not a ton of space to write in for each day, so we use initials and color-coded abbreviations in the calendar, with a guide below and to the right of the calendar where topics and abbreviations are written out in full.

The Wheel

— Materials


Dry-Erase Foam Board (minimum 20″ x 20″)


String (we had to improvise on this one based on what we had in the office … headphones, of course)



Paper Clip

Duck Tape

Dry Erase Markers

Step 1: Cut out the wheel


We used 20″ as our diameter, but that is a relatively small wheel. In order to create a round circle, we used the old “tie a string to a pencil” method … In our case, we substituted the string with a headphones cord, which was definitely imperfect, but it did the trick.  Also, because we used dry-erase foam board, it was really difficult to make a clean cut, even with the blade, so we ended up taping around the wheel to smooth out the edge.

Step 2: Use tape to create the sections of the wheel


Step 3: Affix the spinning arrow

Using a light-weight piece of cardboard, we cut out an arrow to serve as the spinner. We took the paper clip, uncurled one part of it into a straight pin, and poked it through the middle of the arrow as well as the middle of the wheel. Once it had broken through the wheel, we bent the straight pin that has poked through to the bottom of the wheel backwards, so that it is flush against the wheel.

Planning the Game

wheel_of_content2We created the wheel using dry-erase board so we could write new titles into each slot each month.  However, we realized our wheel was not big enough to fit titles into each slot and decided to use reference letters instead. So, we wrote letters A through G onto the wheel, which correlate with a new list of titles each month posted to the Content Calendar board. We created a removable ‘free spin’ section out of cardboard, which covers letter G.

In terms of the list of titles, what we created are actually idea-starters, i.e. generic titles where you can insert your keyword to create a provocative blog post title.  For example: “Why (industry problem) Is Killing Your Business,” or “(Number) Little Known Factors That Are Affecting Your (keyword).”

We also have 2 placeholders for what we call “POV” posts, which stands for Point of View, meaning a post that references an industry article or trend and positions our point-of-view in relation to it.

Each month, we’ll change up the idea-starters and order of the options to keep ideas (and the game) fresh.


— The order in which players spin is selected based on the popularity of their posts from the prior month.

— Each player spins, and whatever letter they land on is the topic they are assigned to produce that month. Their initials and the corresponding letter of their topic are written boldly onto the Content Calendar.  The letter is then erased from the wheel. Should a future player land on this space, they will need to spin again.

— FREE SPIN:  If the player lands on Free Spin, they pick up the card. Beneath it is the letter G. If they’d like to take a shot at a different topic, they can use their Free Spin to do so. Otherwise, they can accept the assignment and hold their Free Spin until the next month.

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Next up: Blog Post Mad Libs …!!