When It Comes To Ad Exchange Inventory, There’s No Place Like Home

by: Dick OHare, on Oct 12, 2013 in Market Musings

Lonely dark alleySince its inception, the Internet has been known for its “unlit alleys”.

That phrase means that, in some instances, you don’t really know what you are buying for your media investment. For marketers concerned about their brands, that can be dangerous.

For example, fast forward to today’s high velocity market of programmatic ad buying.  Target audiences are bought efficiently through ad exchanges based on cookie profiles and data overlays.  No doubt, it is a seamless way to execute digital media buying.

But, do you know what’s in the bag?

I can understand why the programmatic buying segment of digital display advertising is projected to grow 74% in 2013 and morph into video and mobile.  It’s efficient.

However, in this world of efficiency, some core tenets of value seem to be getting swept off the table. At the top of this list are the values of premium publisher content, transparency and control.  Any non-domain specific media campaigns purchased through this channel are essentially buying a vat of cookies (supplied by the publishers) that meet the marketer’s data profile criteria.

However, what is not clear are the websites and ad inventory the marketer’s ads will appear on, not to mention fake bot traffic and unaudited third party data upon which most targeting is based.

Having recently scanned through a list of domains residing across ad exchanges, this point really hits home when you see that most of the URL’s look like or — or worse.  The quality is horrendous.

Sure, companies have cropped up to screen out domains like these.  But, we believe that algorithms only can take you so far.

No doubt,  more efficient media buying is here to stay in digital media.  And it should.  However, greater transparency and organization of content is needed to clearly delineate “the good stuff” from the bad.

We believe the next evolutionary phase of growth in this market will be inventory specialists who deliver more organized, premium inventory into this vibrant market.   At Local Yokel Media, we reach consumers where they live in a marketer’s service area(s).   We specialize in aggregating, organizing (by geography) and making accessible highly valuable hyperlocal content for marketers to authentically target consumers where they live near their retail locations.

And we do this all on local content those communities know and trust—not through data.

Our approach not only authentically matches marketers’ local messaging with highly relevant local content (and subliminally illustrates that marketer’s support for local journalism) but more importantly, this hyperlocal content performs well as they represent one of the few untapped segments of quality inventory.  Reaching consumers authentically where they live is the foundation of our business.  And, we bring efficiency for marketers to execute these campaigns transparently through premium, programmatic channels or directly through us.


Interested in learning more about how we can deliver quality hyperlocal ad targeting with all the efficiency of programmatic PLUS 100% transparency?


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